I specialize in hearing care, hearing loss and hearing solutions. Please allow myself & my staff to help you, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your hearing loss.

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As an independent hearing healthcare practice we are under no obligation to any particular hearing aid brand.

If you value your hearing, please come see us. We really care about your hearing, and we’ll work with you until you’re delighted with your results!

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About Us

While you can get a cheap hearing aid at a big box store or hearing aids online, they simply don’t have the experience with fittings, or access to the variety of brands, styles & solutions to accommodate your unique needs.

Brad Odom

H.I.S. Certified


At Sound Solutions Hearing Care, as your professional hearing aid team, we take a personal approach to solving hearing problems. Each person has unique requirements, often leading us to recommend a specific manufacturer or model/style of hearing aid.

They won’t be there for your follow-up care, to adjust your hearing aid for optimal results, or to help you adjust to your new hearing device.

This means that we can recommend the best hearing aid for your loss and lifestyle needs without worrying about any underlying contract agreement or Manufacture telling us what to sell.